Friday, 28 April 2017

Images and text in sequence- Tiffany Leeson

During the talk that I attended to, Tiffany discussed her career as a creative director of Egmont publishing. She mentioned of what to consider when creating a narrative sequence. The main points to think about when planning out a story are;

  • characters- main core of the story 
  • pace- read an image
  • page layout/ number of pages/ connecting pages together 
  • Where do you want your reader to look?
  • what colours and textures to consider when creating the moodiness of the characters/ will it also include silhouettes/ shadows when someone/thing is approaching 
  • format of the images- 32pp- 12 spreads-
  • rule of structure- 3/6/3- for younger audience have the page lay out a square format 
  • viewpoint- what is going on in the story 
  • target audience- adult/ children/ young adult/ teens  
The order of producing a storyboard are; 
  1. setting 
  2. characters 
  3.  problem develops 
  4. conflict begins 
  5. escalates 
  6. crisis
  7. resolution 
  8. following actions- put yourself in other people shoes
Other things  to consider when after producing a book are getting the sense of the target market- language distance/ visiting book shops, researching bloggers and retail buyers. 

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