Friday 24 February 2017

White Noise gif

I did this gif inspired by PVRIS's self tilted track White Noise. I did this process by using brush pens, ink and tracing paper. I am planning on using this gif as a part of my FMP and I might develop it further by adding a dark background as well as putting a verse from the song.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Sia Breathe Me vinyl cover

I decided to this vinyl cover of a doll in a bird cage wrapped in a blanket. The concept behind it was  the lyrics of Breathe Me that says, 'Wrap me, unfold me. I am small and needy. Warm  me up and breathe me.'  This verse means trying to seek comfort and warmth when you feel isolated or alone. I use cold colours to show the depth of the deep emotion that this song has. The background is from a vinyl cover that I bought and what is interesting about is that the streaks of white looks light shining on the cage.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Sia Breathe me voodoo doll initial idea/experimentation

I created this concept of doing a voodoo doll being control through another doll. The inspiration of this idea was from a song of Sia's first album, Colour the Small One. The song from the album that I chosen is Breathe Me. The reason behind this idea is when I heard the lyrics, 'Hurt myself again today and the worst part there's no one else to blame.'
It gave me the realisation if someone uses a voodoo doll that looks exactly like them and they stick a pin in the doll and they felt pain from it there is no one else to blame  but them selves.
This song if my personal favourite because it's relatable and it tackles with depression and isolation from the outside world.

I took the sketch of the doll and developed further by using mono printing. I sort of enjoyed the process and possibly carry on doing it through the final major project. I add colour to the mono print by using ink and oil paints. The print will potentially be used as a poster for a vinyl/ CD cover of this song.

Monday 6 February 2017

intital idea- Trapped angel, Trapped soul

For this outcome I decided to experiment to one tonal or cold colours. The artwork shows an angel being restrained, mentally and emotionally lost in a reality where, it is full of sorrow and regret. It also involved being out of place in society hence the crying eyes on the angel's wings.

Saturday 4 February 2017

FMP intital idea- PVRIS white noise

I created this monochrome ink and graphite based outcome through the inspiration of PVRIS' self-titled song White Noise. The overlapping figures gives two prescriptive what it feels like when your voice has not been heard or your voice is playing in the background hence the song white noise. The other prescriptive is the triggered emotions of someone that is going through in a mental state i.e., depression or bi-polar disorder.
If I decided to take a step further I will experiment with different medias such as, monoprinting, oil painting and possibly Photoshop.

Thursday 2 February 2017

fmp initial idea experimentation- Sia- 1000 forms of fear

For this experimentation I reverted the ink drawing that have done of Sia with bird wing trapped in bird cage. The mediums that I used for this piece were, acrylic, white ink, graphite and white charcoal on black creative paper. I tried to thicken the lines of the cage with acrylic paint but made it too heavily detail. Next time I should add lighter shadows around the figure and put in less detail to the outcome.

fmp initial idea

For this idea for my FMP I chose a mixture of songs from Sia's album 1000 Forms of Fear. The tracks that inspired me to create this ink drawing are Chandelier, Elastic Heart and Bird Set Free. The reason about this piece is that we feel trapped in our surroundings and leads to the point where we want to break free either form reality or within ourselves.
As a final outcome, I might do this in a form of an installation or on a canvas. The materials and processes that I will use throughout will be, printmaking, Photoshop, ink, acrylic and oil paint.

fmp visual research

today I had my work in progress and discussed on ideas for the final major project. at the moment I created a Pinterest board based fan art of Melanie Martinez and images that are associated with depression.


                                      what I found interested about this image is that it has a sense of truth to it and that it has a mixture of different medias which will translate through my work.