Monday, 19 October 2020

                      Six Feet Under cemetery scene 

In this animation showcases a young girl entering a gothic cemetery during the dawn of night. She kept wandering in the cemetery until she came across an abandoned house and decided to enter the building. She soon realised; the house is where she grew up in. 

The animation is inspired by Billie Eilish's single, 'Six feet under' 


After Effects, procreate, Adobe Photoshop, animation 

To check out the rest of the animations as well as the final edited video go to:

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Winter Pain

Black spirit hovering over me like a storm over my head
I kept wishing that it will go away 
but the thin layer of darkness
continuously torments me instead 
It is always creeps into my dreams
and I can't help it 
to feel terrified
My body is paralysed from 
  the spirit pressing down my chest  
I tried to scream 
      but it turns into 
      white noise 
The only way for it to vanish 
   from existence 
is to drown my sorrows 
  in blood 
I laid down on the cold blankets of 
Red thickness flowing around me like
a flood 
   Maybe now I can finally 
   rest in peace 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Marmozets- Captivate you lyric video

I created this lyric video by, using second hand imagery and the iPad app, Procreate. The song 'captivate you' was from Marmozets 2014 album, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets.  The reason why I chose this song is because it has a balance of aggression and melody. Also, how the message shows that, someone can bring out the best in you when you either feel depressed or, going through a rough time in your life. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

bird set free gif

I did this gif through the inspiration of  Sia's song bird set free. The animation is based on escaping from being trapped from the outside world. The song has another purpose which is to dream big and not let fear holding you back. The bird cage is the visual metaphor of it. I did this animation by graphite and ink. I put the animation together using the gif maker app on my iPhone. To develop it further, I try to add music to it and extend it further to make it look a full length animation.

Images and text in sequence- Tiffany Leeson

During the talk that I attended to, Tiffany discussed her career as a creative director of Egmont publishing. She mentioned of what to consider when creating a narrative sequence. The main points to think about when planning out a story are;

  • characters- main core of the story 
  • pace- read an image
  • page layout/ number of pages/ connecting pages together 
  • Where do you want your reader to look?
  • what colours and textures to consider when creating the moodiness of the characters/ will it also include silhouettes/ shadows when someone/thing is approaching 
  • format of the images- 32pp- 12 spreads-
  • rule of structure- 3/6/3- for younger audience have the page lay out a square format 
  • viewpoint- what is going on in the story 
  • target audience- adult/ children/ young adult/ teens  
The order of producing a storyboard are; 
  1. setting 
  2. characters 
  3.  problem develops 
  4. conflict begins 
  5. escalates 
  6. crisis
  7. resolution 
  8. following actions- put yourself in other people shoes
Other things  to consider when after producing a book are getting the sense of the target market- language distance/ visiting book shops, researching bloggers and retail buyers. 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

PVRIS Poster

I created this poster by using the lasso tool on Photoshop to make a torn paper pattern. I decided to add the details to the event by a using a typeface font because it contrasts with the mono-print that I did recently.

Gina Cross Professional Practice

When I attended the Gina Cross professional practice talk, she help me to enlighten on how I want to come across as an artist. Gina Cross is an art dealer and agent based in London. She does self-promotion workshops for inspiring artists that wants to develop their brand to lead to careers such as freelancer, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, etc. Cross also worked for Gas Gallery. Gas Gallery represents artwork from artists that are both in the UK and international.

She showed examples of books that showed a variety of unique but subtle covers.

A Clockwork Orange (2011) edition, Anthony Burgess
Book Cover:  Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (2015) edition, Lewis Carroll

The Language of the Birds, Russian Folklore- cover design, Rebecca Jones

During the talk, Gina mentioned there are many approaches on publishing artwork and prints not just for books and album covers. The other examples on expanding artwork are, gaming, product display, set design, retail window display, interior and mural design.

Image result for absolut vodka design
Absolut Vodka is a good example of product and packaging display because the designers that produce the artwork on the bottles shows the versatility of colour and technique. It also shows who product is targeted at.

Overall, the key aspects that will help me and others to build success in self-promotion are,
  •  Develop a unique & strong visual style
  • Who are you as an artist?
  • What are your strengths i.e., what techniques are you good at and how does approach towards your work?
  • What tools do you need?
  • Are you niche/ multidisciplinary?
  • Who/what inspires you?
  • Interpreting influences into your own style
  • Look beyond the scope of Art & Design such as, travelling, going to exhibitions or events- festivals, reading and writing
  • Do your research- finding information on who is your target audience when it comes producing and selling artwork online
  • Further training/ skill development i.e. study a course online
  • Be realistic about money but dare to dream & take risks!
  • Use the most appropriate method for your style/ type of work or chosen industry
  • Be persistent
  • Don't sent work to the wrong people/clients
  • Networking/ Using social media i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Be creative!

Recommendations on websites to find when it comes to either looking for a job or putting work online are,
  • Oh Deer
  • Not on the High Street
  • Society6
  • The
  • Crafty Fox