Saturday, 11 February 2017

Sia Breathe me voodoo doll initial idea/experimentation

I created this concept of doing a voodoo doll being control through another doll. The inspiration of this idea was from a song of Sia's first album, Colour the Small One. The song from the album that I chosen is Breathe Me. The reason behind this idea is when I heard the lyrics, 'Hurt myself again today and the worst part there's no one else to blame.'
It gave me the realisation if someone uses a voodoo doll that looks exactly like them and they stick a pin in the doll and they felt pain from it there is no one else to blame  but them selves.
This song if my personal favourite because it's relatable and it tackles with depression and isolation from the outside world.

I took the sketch of the doll and developed further by using mono printing. I sort of enjoyed the process and possibly carry on doing it through the final major project. I add colour to the mono print by using ink and oil paints. The print will potentially be used as a poster for a vinyl/ CD cover of this song.

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